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I am currently doing a masters in education and am interested in finding out what motivated you to go nursing - was it knowing a nurse?, lots of hospitalisation? thoughts of helping people? Carol... Read More

  1. by   amers_here
    Well, my original major was photography. Quite the change there. And honestly, the thing that first got me thinking about nursing was watching all the baby shows on TLC and discovery health. I have a fascination with pregnancy and birth, and I love children. Started looking into it more after that, realized I'd have so much more job security and better pay than with photography. Plus, I hate feeling helpless when people are suffering. I like to know how to help in whatever way I can. I also believe I will be really good at nursing once I get a little experience under my belt. Everything has just clicked into place along the road to becoming a nurse and I don't regret my major change one bit.
  2. by   habtetsion
    The reason for choosing Nursing is the patience i do have in helping for weak people(i.e. people who in need of help from others esp.health professionals and in particular Nurses, the ones who have an intimate care for thier client). I think all the details summed in this statment.
  3. by   littley
    I chose nursing because of a documentary I saw about nurses at a chemo ward of a childrens hospital. I was always drawn to healthcare but thought that nursing was a career that I would be too "grossed out" by. However, after seeing the documentary, I realized it was my calling. Its one of the careers I feel you get the most personal gratification from. Regardless of the unsettling situations you are put in, the unsettling things you see...the personal rewards you get from helping those that need you and have their trust in you surpasses all those things.
  4. by   sproeber89
    I chose nursing because when i was 13 I helped take care of my dying grandma, it took a lot out of me but I was very interested in helping people. At that point I just thought about helping people..but I was convinced I need to become a nurse when my Great-Aunt was dying and was in a very nice hospice center, those nurses were just downright amazing. They are the ones I am trying to mold myself after. I would love to be a hospice nurse for a while, just to be able to help those families like those nurses helped my family.
  5. by   Curious George....
    Ok, so i have many questions and i hope whoever has time to respond to this thread will be as honest as possible. I currently just graduated from college with a major in sociology and criminology. i have had extreme difficulty trying to find a job so i have been thinking about going back to school to become a nurse. keep in mind becoming a nurse has always been in the back of my head. through all the research i have done, i have noticed that there are several ways of becoming a nurse. In the end i want to become an RN but am unsure of the best route to take. Would it be necessary to get another BA? How do you feel about the vocational schools, is it worth the money? Is it worth the time to try to go through the junior colleges that are so impacted? What school would you suggest? Also, my other concern is the difficulty of the program. i do understand it is going to be extremely difficult. Being a soc/crim major i have not had science or math since my first years of college. will i struggle too much? would you suggest i pick a different career? please tell me all your thoughts and feelings about any of this.. thanks for your time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   .....RN
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  7. by   greeniebean
    i had an emergancy c-section when i had my first child. I started crying when they told me and my husband ran out of the room to tell our families what was happening. all the doctors, anesthisiologist, ultrasound techs went off to get the room ready and could have cared less that i was having a panic attack in my bed! But then this nurse walked over to me and talked so calmly, and told me everything that was gonna happen. She went with me to the OP room and held my hand and made jokes to keep me calm. When i think back at that very scary situation i always remember how i could be looking back at that day and thinking how horrible it was, but because of that one woman who took the extra time to calm down a hysterical mother i just feel so much gratitude for her. That's why i want to be a nurse. To help people like that nurse helped me.
  8. by   PunkyBrewster57
    when i was seven my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, so i had to help take care of her and my little brother cause my step-dad was trying to work enough to keep our house and things. at that point in my life i wanted to be a nurse. after my mom died i wanted to be a nurse even more. they were the ones who cared for her when she needed it the most. i have always loved taking care of people and i am now 22 and i have never thought about doing anything other than nursing. i hope to one day be a good nurse. but overall it was my mother who inspired me to become a nurse.
  9. by   chevyv
    I didn't choose nursing, nursing chose me. Honestly, all I can compare it to is what you hear about priesthood. That its a calling.
    I was called many many years ago, but thought that I could graduate from high school and make enough money working in a factory. I did fine but I wasn't happy. There was this nagging feeling deep down. Kind of a restless type feeling.
    About 8yrs later, I finally stopped fighting the call and enrolled in school, part time. Everything fell into place and I can't believe how much time I wasted fighting this calling. My life is 'right' now.