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Me! Its September 19. :uhoh3:... Read More

  1. by   pockunit
    Tomorrow. Hematology and pain. I'm listening to a lecture right now!
  2. by   pockunit
    Quote from Iridescent Orchid
    I am...for the most part, but it's just test anxiety for me, it comes almost natural. I tend to freak out before every test...especially the first one in each class, no matter how much I prep. I already had my Psych test and aced it, but only because it was easy...I'm just ready to get this A&P test and see what damage I do on it! ...This Friday = 1st test, and it's 3 chapters.

    Yep, the first one of the semester is always a doozy. How does the teacher write them? Does the lecture really reflect the knowledge we need for the test? Are they going to be written poorly so it's hard to tell what the questions actually ask? DID I STUDY ENOUGH??
  3. by   pockunit
    Quote from Mesha913
    Mine is tomorrow 9/7 so pray for my I tried to study...

    And? How do you think you did? Or do you do them online and find out right away?
  4. by   ORnurseCT
    I just had my first test. I am still shaking I did very well. Not sure the exact grade but it's an A!!! I can't believe it... I'm on cloud nine, now onto more studying....
  5. by   Stephanie4574
    My first exam is on the 14th. I was nervous a few days ago, but I have found a better study method, so I'm not really nervous about it anymore. I wish you all the best of luck on your exams
  6. by   ctasy
    Wow I had my SECOND exam today, and we've already had our pharmacological math test as well. We have our third test and our clinical readiness exam next week. It has been test after test for us!!
  7. by   CrazziiRN913
    Quote from pockunit
    And? How do you think you did? Or do you do them online and find out right away?
    We have to wait a week...so I won't know how I did until wednesday...normally we get the results online within 2-3days, but I think I at least got a passing grade!
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  9. by   NrsNikster
    Questions questions questions. oh did I say questions!?!?! As a RN, preparing for test in nursing school was very difficult, I must say. But please do as many questions as you can in regards to the subject and topic you are studying. the saunders comprehensive nclex book is a great holy bible during nursing school. Do as many as you can ladies and gents. Good luck.
  10. by   DBK99
    Me! Took our first lecture exam this past Monday, 9/12. Will get scores tomorrow, on our first day of clinicals
  11. by   QuarterLife88
    Quote from futurenurseya33
    Me! Its September 19.
    So is mine. My first major exam anyway.

    I've already had a lab quiz - got 90% on that, so, so far so good. I'm currently studying for my first lecture exam though. The biggie. I'm annoyed because a lot of it is on the history and legal aspects of nursing, and tbh, it bores me to tears. I'm here for the science!
  12. by   Pneumothorax
    took mine on Monday, felt ok about it. I didnt think it was as hard as i expected it to be. what really peeves me is they said we wont get our test grades until thursday because they didnt want us to be distracted or upset by or grades and not focus on patients during clinical...

    UH WHAT?!...im sorry but if you are going to get so flusterd over a stupid test grade that it affects your performance in patient care---you need to reevaluate your priorites...and grow up..

    ugh..i just wanna know how i did!!