Who Is Starting LPN School Fall 2007???

  1. Thought I would start this thread as to who is starting LPN School Fall of 2007 and what your age is.

    I will be starting 8/20/07 and am 54 (turn 55 10/26) and am so excited. I honestly did not think I was going to get in and had finally decided to forget LPN school and just go ahead and finish my pre-reqs for RN. Then the letter came and I got so excited I couldn't hardly stand it. So, this is the beginning for me. I really believe it will help me and is a great starting point for me.
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  3. by   starbabyfive
    hey there mammaoftwo. i start lpn school on aug 1,2007. my orientation is on may 18th and i'm soooooo excited about it. i feel like a teenager. hehe right now i'm 48 turn 49 the end of this month and i'll be 50 when i graduate. yep, it's a new beginning for me too.
  4. by   3sodapop
    I just found out last week that I've been accepted to LPN school this August. I'm 43 and my kids are 18, 16, & 8. (My oldest starts college this fall, too.) I applied last February after I got laid off from my medical assisting job. I lacked clinical experience, so I'm finally going to get to do what I've always wanted. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   lpnhell
    Hi, I am 40. and am finishing in January!!!! Good Luck to you
  6. by   couldntbhappier
    Ya'll are making me JEALOUS! I WANNA be starting LPN school this fall... =)