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Hey Everybody- I would like to know who has been your biggest support system through your education and Nursing School and how will you thank them once you graduate? For me it has been my... Read More

  1. by   grinnurse
    Quote from Tweety
    My biggest support system was my parents, even though I was well into my 30s. When I graduated I got them a sterling platter that was engraved "thanks for all you've done to help me gratuate" (I didn't notice until it was too late they misspelled graduate. ) My mom was moved to tears when I presented it to them at my graduation dinner they gave me.

    I think thanking those who supported us along the way is important, because nursing school is not all about us, it's also about the sacrifices those who love us make.
    It really is important to thank all the people that helped us accomplish this goal. Absolutely love the plaque idea and plan to do that too now. Afterall, who but my Mother would have gotten up tp be at my house at 0430 to take care of my kids when I headed off to some clinical sight or made sure that my daughter's science presentation was done on time, take my son for haircuts, make sure that someone was there to show support for my daughter at school functions that I had to miss b/c NS, etc...............My children for all the hugs and kisses and wishes of good luck on test days even when I couldn't be a very "present" Mom for them. My husband (even though he has been a sh** head) for the all the money to even try to do this in the first place. I just wish that everyone good have great support systems b/c this has made the difference between failing and passing for me. And of course all of my new friends here at Allnurses. Thanks for the ears guys!!
  2. by   SusanJean
    I have to give my parents credit for instilling the love of knowledge -- all 8 of their kids have college degrees, 3 have master's.

    They have been less than supportive about my returning to nursing school - they seemed more excited about my being in grad school, so I have to assume it is because it is "another" undergrad degree. Who is to say - they won't. But I live a day's drive from them by design. :chuckle

    My husband and kids are very supportive, tho it took awhile for dh to get on board for me going back to school. All are making sacrifices (tho the $ is on me) but it is working out fine. The load for BSN is much less than PA, so this helps balance the family back out again...