Who did you used for your references on your nursing school application?

  1. The school's only requirements of refs is if you've graduated in the past 5 years one must be a faculty member, and the other from a current employer. I graduated in '91 and am not currently employed but I am going to use my supervisor from my last job (left a year ago to be a stay at home mom to twins).

    I plan to ask my neighbor who is a nurse (and my mentor for going back to school to become a nurse) to be my 2nd reference.

    Who should I use as the 3rd reference?

    I could ask another family friend who is a L&D nurse and was also at my last 2 births. Or one of my A&P profs from 2 years ago though the classes were online so there wasn't much personal contact though I did get A's in both classes. ;-)

    Who did you use as your references?

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  3. by   birthrevolution
    I would suggest that you use the A&P professor. I would ask this person to speak to your academic ability and his/her perception of how you would fare in nursing school and as a nurse. Your former supervisor can speak to your work ethic and your nursing friend can speak to your character and what qualities you have that would make you a good nurse. I would be concerned about getting two personal references as opposed to work, volunteer or academic references. Does that make sense?

    I'm applying to graduate entry programs in midwifery. For my references I used a former employer (an MD working in public health), my grad school mentor/advisor, a midwife I worked with in various capacities (consulting), and the volunteer doula program coordinator at the hospital.

    Good luck!
  4. by   arciedee
    I used my A&P professor, a former manager, and an RN friend. I figured the professor could speak to my academic capabilities, the manager could speak to my professional abilities, and my RN friend could speak to how I was suited to nursing. I wanted to offer a well-rounded view of myself.

    I would probably shy away from having two personal references... if you can get an academic one or an additional employment reference (doesn't have to be a boss, but a respected coworker) instead that would be preferable.
  5. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I'm currently applying to Baylor for graduate school (in nursing).

    I'm in a similar situation: working agency so I don't have any dependable ties to supervisors; the agency recruiter isn't a nurse and really doesn't see me on the job.

    The professors I liked and trusted well enough to ask are now retired and apparently have changed their email addresses....

    My best shot, other than peers who are nurses, was my veterinarian, since he and I spend a lot of time taking care of my animals, and he teaches along the way.

    I think the admissions assistant at Baylor chuckled when I asked about using my vet as a reference, but I cannot be absolutely sure.

    They suggested that I get references from "nursing peers and colleagues." This would, according to her, also include nurses that have worked for me when I was myself a supervisor.

    So I have a classmate from Excelsior that I have gotten to know but with whom I have never worked, a nurse practitioner who I consider to be a mentor but with whom I have never worked, and the nurse I supervised for six months or so.

    You might do what I did: call the school, explain your situation and get their guidance. Also make a note of who you talked to, what they said, and the date and time (I usually send myself an email with these particulars). Then later, if your memory or theirs goes "on the fritz" you have your record.

    Good luck, and welcome to nursing!