while walking down the hall at the LTC...

  1. I was looking for a bath blanket and heading for the linen closet when I happened to look into a resident's room. All I saw was the big bare backside of this lady! Her butt was out for the world to see, so I dashed in there to do something for her... cover her, pull the curtain, close the door... just something! Poor lady...

    Welllllll I walked in and politely asked "can I help you with something?" she rolled back over onto her back and screeched out "Yes, get me another room!" Well, this was way out of my scope so I casually reached out and fixed her gown and blanket to cover her when she screeched out "Do something usefull! GET ME MY WALKER!" I smiled graciously and said, "where would you like me to put it?" all the while thinking of that big Butt I just covered up for her....

    I rearranged her bedside table and put her walker within reach and went on my way. I didn't start laughing until later. If you could have only heard the way she yelled at me! I will never forget it, and will always remember this poor lady with tears of laughter in my eyes. "Make yourself useful... GET ME MY WALKER!" I didn't have the mean spirit she did, and never did tell her that her gown wasn't quite the right size and if she USED her walker it was gonna get George (the one male on the unit who runs around flirting and trying to see women's knees...) in an uproar.

    Gotta love these spunky ladies. I always wondered what I would do when a patient yelled at me. Now I know... I will just remember the FIRST time a patient yelled at me and smile.
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  3. by   adrienurse
    Oh yeah. The "nice little old lady" steriotype is definately a myth. I can just imagine what I'm gonna be like at that age. Yikes!
  4. by   kimmicoobug
    *sigh* brings back memories of my LTC clinicals....Man, do I have some stories to tell...Ok, I will tell one, I was taking care of a guy who had a below the knee amputation on both legs due to uncontrolled diabetes. I was performing peri care for him and was getting the depends on him. While my face was maybe a foot away from his a$$, he farted. Pretty much in my face! He was only 50 and knew what he was doing and kind of looked at me as if he was challenging me. I just kind of laughed and said that passing gas was always a good thing because it shows that the insides are working properly. Probably not very therapeutic of me, but the guy farted on me! Had to share since I am reminiscing from your story.
  5. by   Vsummer1
    LOL! he farted on you? I don't know what I would have said either. I would have been glad it was a dry fart though.... :imbar
  6. by   Mkue
    Originally posted by Vsummer1
    "Make yourself useful... GET ME MY WALKER!"
    too funny...lol :chuckle :roll
  7. by   kimmicoobug
    Yup, he farted on me...and then the next day he peed on me (thank God for gloves!)
  8. by   Vsummer1
    Originally posted by kimmicoobug
    Yup, he farted on me...and then the next day he peed on me (thank God for gloves!)
    I think that guy has issues... LOL!! Geesh, once bit twice shy on that one!
  9. by   tattooednursie
    Boy do I have a storie to tell about a "nice little lady" lol.

    Our PM shift crew is a pretty laid back bunch in the dining room at dinner time. Me, 2 other CNA's and a nurse were all in there, and the nurse turned the radio on a pop/rock station and started dancing and she was all like, "Stop! You dance like ****!" All the staff started laughing, and I couldnt resist so I got up and started dancing. I said "can i do any better than her?" and she was all like "F*** NO!" I almost laughed until I was on the floor. then like 10 minutes later a song that I really liked came on the radio, so I just had to get up and dance! Before I knew it I had that tadies tray all over me. She threw it at me and she was all like "I TOLD YOU TO STOP DANCING DAMN IT!!"
  10. by   Vsummer1
    MaNdI --

    I think you need some sensitivity training, at the very least.

    this wasn't about ME..... or how I COULD dance... or about ME turning on pop/rock music and dancing. Let me compose myself before I go off on how I really feel about your "funny episode" and how humiliated I feel for your patients who were stuck at that table and watching you dance for them...
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  11. by   Vsummer1
    But really, what IS a shame is that these people CAN'T dance NOW and probably were the best dancers we could have ever known!!

    I would have tried to get that lady to dance in her walker, bare assed and all if it would have cheered her up. (would have closed the door first of course).

    But this wasn't about music and dancing, it was about basic dignity. She had NO IDEA her butt was shining for the world to see. And I wasn't about to embarass her, no matter how rude she was to me. That is NOT was this was about.

    Perhaps your dancing was disturbing to your patient because she once loved REAL dance, such as ballet, as opposed to your gyrations in the dining room. Were you sensitive to how she was feeling?

    sorry, but when I go into THEIR HOME if I dance and they say no, I deserve a tray in my face.