Which to keep...which to go...

  1. I was looking for input on which nursing books to keep and which ones to sell back? I am entering (hopefully) the nursing program and wondered how many of the textbooks I would use later on as resources.

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  3. by   emily_mom
    We were always told to keep all of them. I know that each semester, we are asked to read something out of the books from semesters prior. Once you buy a certain book, like Med/Surg or Psych, that will carry you through (it should anyway). Our school has set books so that if they go with a different one, you can still use the one you bought originally and the new classes get the different one. Make sense? Hope so...
  4. by   Mkue
    Definately keep A&P books,all nursing and pharmacology books, that's my suggestion.
  5. by   MRed94
    Yeah, get rid of the Written Comm, speech, and what ever electives that you took dealing with art appreciation or basket weaving, if that is your thing.

    Personally, I am keeping all the science related ones, the nursing books, and my research books.

    Care plan books are on the burn pile along with all of the stupid hats and other paraphenalia that they made us buy, including my cheapo stethoscope that someone made me buy one day.

    Also, the dumb picture of me that they took for the name tag for the hosp I am at. It says, "STUDENT NURSE" in 8 foot letters, on the burn pile for sure.

    Good thing I graduate in May, good time for a fire.

  6. by   memphispanda
    I kept everything except Chemistry, but I have other resources for that. I haven't used anything but my A&P book so far though.
  7. by   CJStudent
    Ha ha! I have ALL of them! ?!?
  8. by   whipping girl in 07
    I didn't save any of the books from my prerequisites. I didn't save any of the books from my nursing "BS" classes like communication, law, ethics, leadership and management. I saved my fundamentals of nursing, maternity/peds, med/surg and pathophysiology. If I had it to do over, I'd have sold back my fundamentals of nursing and maternity/peds books too.

    If I have to look up anything, I go to the internet or the library. The information is more current there anyway.
  9. by   woundnurse
    I've saved most of my books and would recommend if you plan on going any furthur in your education. Although in MSN program we use most of the material from the internet I found my old research books useful and it saved me some internet searching. I did get rid of some of my basic nursing books that were over five years old (donated to third world programs through our Home health agency)
  10. by   JennyRN2B
    Thanks guys for all your great replies!

  11. by   peaceful2100
    YEP. I would save them all except things like music or art (unless you want to keep them).

    I disagree with the poster who said get rid of the written communication. I respectfully disagree because at my school I found that book VERY handy along with some of my other classmates during one of our courses.