Which clinical to chose?? L&D or Peds - page 2

Hi all, I have to pick between L&D or Peds for my next clinical rotation. I really cannot decide. My nursing interest is OR for sure. But I'm curious about L&D and Peds too. Does anyone else have to... Read More

  1. by   81Bubbles
    I had to do both but in hind sight if I had to choose I would pick L&D. My pedi rotation was pretty much just yet another med-surg rotation. The census was so low that there usually were not enough children to go around. We actually had a lot of adult patients on the floor because they census was so low. In L&D we did everything Prenatal, potpartum, c-sections, vaginal births. It was a huge learning experince.
    I would try to get the most well rounded nursing experience I could just in case you further down the line decide you no longer want to work in the OR.
  2. by   missypoo
    Thank you for all the responses. I know it is kind of annoying we have to chose between L&D or peds, but I am thinking I'll go with L&D. It is so different to me and the opportunity to perhaps see a c-section or an actual vag delivery is intriguing to me. Someone said that peds was like another med-surg rotation, and I can imagine that. I have no desire to be a med-surg nurse at this point!

    Thanks again everone!
  3. by   CMColumbus
    After being in the delivery room for 30 hours and ending up with a c-section, I became very close to a lot of the nurses who took care of me when my son was born. It was then and there that I decided I want to go into L&D. I asked a ton of questions and the nurses all loved their jobs. (or they were good at faking it)