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  1. All,

    I was lamenting to my father about the books for anatomy in my school. I always thought it would be more in-depth, like Grey's Anatomy. I was dissapointed that I was not going to go into a field that took the study of anatomy as seriously as I do.

    It was just part of a conversation, not a request, or the serotonin in the turkey talking.

    He said I should have the book for christmas I just thought "Hey dad I'm forty, cut the cord already" but I know the last one I saw costs $200!..............so I said well alllllrighty then.

    Now I just want to do my part to keep costs down.

    I,m looking for Grey's Anatomy:The Anatomical Basis of Medicine and Surgery 38th ed, (1995) Hardback

    Or if anyone one has a suggestion for a more complete compilation of a real anatomy text(this one's 2092 pages) speak up will ya'
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  3. by   mmnursewannabee
    My friend go to half.com and you can enter in the books ISBN to see if they have one available. You can also try amazon.com for used books.
  4. by   Jennerizer
    You can also check out Ebay.......I got the Nurses Pocket guide...it goes for $28 brand new, I got it for $5.76 & it was in brand new condition. They don't have a lot of nursing books on there, but sometimes they do have some good ones. Half.com is pretty good too....I've never gotten a book in bad condition from there.

    Those anatomy books are way overpriced...it just isn't right!