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I got a 66% on my last test.............but the class average is 65%!!! The teacher is not going to grade on a curve or anything either. I think that when the average grade of the class is an "F"... Read More

  1. by   BSNtobe2009
    Quote from CRNASOMEDAY25
    A little off topic, but what is the deal with tenure? I never understood it.
    Tenure is where after a teacher has been at a college so many years, they can apply to be given "tenure" which with very rare exception, it guarantees you a job for the rest of your life and you don't have to worry about yearly contract renewals.

    It's something that became popular during the 50's, during the Communist Witch hunts and teachers were getting fired left and right when they were accused to having a "communist agenda" and there was more often than not, very, very little truth to it.

    So Tenure was come up with so that teachers that had it, could teach their classrooms openly, without the fear that they would lose their jobs.

    The problem is, we are no longer a society where that is relevent, but the schools are still giving tenure as a way to attract good professors, especially in the hard-to-hire areas of Nursing, Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science, Chemistry, etc. There are too many that are sayin, "Oh well, I have tenure!" and using that as a license to stop working.

    It is a HUGE deal to get rid of a professor at a college that has tenure, and some believe, like me, that tenure has ruined the educational system.
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    If it is just this one test, then it may be that the material is just harder and more nit-picky that your class was used to. Do you know where you went wrong? Did you feel like you knew the answers and then were shocked to see your score, or did you know right away while you were taking it that you weren't doing well? We are all "A" students (pretty much) to get into nursing school, so it is hard when we don't see those high grades at times. If the issue with the test is conflicting info in the books or lecture or ambiguous questions, by all means politely talk privately to the teacher about the issues. If the questions were just "hard", but the answers really could be found in your reading, I think you may just have to vent to us and then move on to the next test. Sorry about your grade though.

    P.S. is this a scantron test? is there any way that the test was miskeyed or the answer key was input incorrectly?