When is it going to get here?????

  1. This semester feels like it has dragged on forever! When is Christmas break going to get here. I need a break! I am pretty sure that when I graduate, it will feel like I retired.

    Sure, Ill have to work, but when you have a job, and are working without being in school, atleast my time will be MY TIME!

    If I am not in class, im studying for class, and on what breaks I get, I spend it here (this is one of my favorite hobbies).

    its not that I wont continue to learn after I graduate, but atleast I wont be reading 400 pages of an assignment that I could care less about, or taking tests in subjects that dont interest me. I think I am about as burned out as a student nurse can be.

    Not to mention, I was working at the high school last week, fixing a "sheet metal" injury in shop (kid sliced his hand wide open), and calling his mother to take him to the ER (i knew it would need stitches, which it took 9), and was 3 minutes late getting to a class to do a presentation on hand washing, and the teacher of the class left the room during the presentation (she didnt even watch it). My professor came to see me teach, and it went wonderfully! Then I get my evaluation from the classroom teacher back, and she graded it as unacceptable! She didnt even watch me teach, and she graded it upacceptable. I called my professor, and told her how she evaluated me, and my professor said "well, I thought you did beautifully, and I gave you an A". An A is a LONG way from being unacceptable. And what the hell???? I think a kid with a huge gash in his hand takes a little priority over being 3 minutes late for a handwashing presentation. Not to mention, this class was a behavior disorders class to begin with, and when the teacher left the room they went crazy! I taught them about handwashing, and kept them from hanging from the rafters. Darn good job! I should have let them light her desk on fire (one of them tried with a zippo)!!!!! Then she had the nerve to ask me if I would teach a 3rd class on handwashing??? If it was unacceptable, what makes you think this one would be different?

    Wish I could just punch her. I did, but only in my imagination. What a worthless use of carbon she is.


    Ofcourse I value my college professor's opinion much more than the high school teacher's. The main difference between highschool teachers and college professors is that high school teachers teach from a book, and the professors at college WRITE the books.
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  3. by   Katnip
    Let me get this straight. You helped a kid with a wound requiring stitches. You taught a high school class full of unruly students. The classroom teacher left you with the kids. Your college professor loved your presentation. AND your students were alive and well at the end of your presentation. The high school teacher rated you unacceptable? Did she say why?

    Methinks the highschool teacher is a few bricks short of a load.

  4. by   BrandyBSN
    Yup, that pretty much sums it up
  5. by   nurseleigh
    That really sucks Brandy. I wish I had some encouraging words or good advice. Just keep your chin up, but not so high that you are looking down your nose at everyone else.
  6. by   prmenrs
    Oh, Brandy, in California, teachers can get fried for leaving a classroom like that--legally, there HAS to be a teacher in the room; if the regular teacher isn't there, there has to be a sub, a VP, a counselor or someone like that in the room, not a teaching assistant and not a guest, like you were!!

    So, just how much influence does her evaluation have in your life? I hope not much!
  7. by   CarolineRn
    Brandy, that HS teacher sounds like a real dingbat to me. I'm wondering if she meant to fill in something else, and didn't pay attention to what she was doing when she marked your preformance as "unacceptable." If she invited you to come back, it would seem that she thought your performance was acceptable. Sounds like she made a mistake to me. But you have the right attitude about it, it's not her opinion that matters, but your instructor's. Still, I can understand the frustration. GRRRR!!!