WHEN Do I Stop Feeling Stupid? - page 3

So when do I stop feeling like a complete idiot at clinicals? I'm in my second quarter of clinical and I get so frustrated at feeling completely helpless and stupid. Between nasty floor nurses... Read More

  1. by   FirstYear2005
    well it just doesn't make things any easier. I think it takes alot more energy to be ugly than be cordial or at least neutral.
  2. by   Ryan631
    I fainted at clinical. Not only do i feel stupid, but weak. hearing that another student did made me a bit happier.
  3. by   MMARN
    I haven't started clinicals yet, but I think that I'll feel as ignorant as anyone who is beginning. It's just sooooo much to learn and take in that it really does leave you feeling incompetent. I really hope I can do well in clinicals. I'm in my first semester, but my friend who is in her second semester says that it really doesn't get easier. Nurses really are witches sometimes, and don't remember that they were nursing students at one point. But, like other posters have said, don't let that get to you. They're not worth it. I am insecure, but I pray and I hope God gives me the knowledge and confidence I need to do well in clinicals. Just hang in there. Remember, this is your career. Let NO ONE stop you from getting what you want. God bless you and good luck.