What's the BEST piece of advice you received from this forum?

  1. Now that the dim light at the end of this term is getting brighter and brighter :redlight: as finals loom, I'm curious as to others' responses.

    I've done really well on most of my tests (OK...the theory one kicked me) and I think it's because of a single line of advice I read here late summer, before the term began. I think back to that advice every single week, I think, and am so grateful to have read it. You never know when what you say is invaluable to others.

    I believe the topic was about knowing all the material in time for the tests (because there's so much of it!) and someone said to just answer the Learning/Enabling Objectives stated in the modules. Use them as a study guideto prepare for the tests. I heeded that advice and did well on most of my tests. (Blah! Theory!! ) That single line of advice was the base of a suuccessful first semester, I do believe.

    I've saved tons of other links and posts for future reference, but for the past few months, that was the gem that made the difference for me.

    What's yours? :Snowman1:
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  3. by   WDWpixieRN
    I've just appreciated all the support and words of wisdom from these boards....links from Daytonite, suggestions of books to purchase for reference, tools for school, etc...these have sometimes been the "shot in the arm" I have needed when feeling discouraged or down....
  4. by   RNfromMN
    For me it's just the comfort of knowing that other people feel the exact same way that I do...a lot of them do, actually. I'm kinda the black sheep of my program - don't really socialize w/ anyone - so it's so awesome for me to know that other people out there have the exact same doubts/concerns as I do
  5. by   Race Mom
    To seek out opportunities in clinical, feel the fear, and do it anyways. It totally changed my way of thinking when I started nursing school. I see many students that still haven't grasped that concept...and we are nearing the end of 2nd semester.