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  1. As I type this I realize how weird it will sound. First off let me say that I am not a star student, nor have I ever been. I am about to complete my first semester of nursing school and it's not that hard. I know most people will wonder if I am crazy. I am very concerned because I fear I will not be prepared for the NCLEX. I know how hard nursing school is supposed to be but it doesn't seem that bad. Will it get that much more diffucult. It seems like I don't even need to study that much. I don't get it, is my school that bad?? I really want to learn a ton and be a great nurse but don't feel as though I am really even being challenged. Do some schools make it a little easier to make sure they stay accredited? I've heard all the horror stories and am worried that I am not learning what I am supposed to.

    Has anyone else felt this way??
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  3. by   cursedandblessed
    my first wasn't too bad either, fundamentals and basic care. when you get into med-surg is when the fun begins.
  4. by   NurseLoveJoy88
    I told my mother the exact same thing. She's a nurse and attended the nursing school I'm attending and she told me it does get harder and it did.
    The first class was a complete breeze, the second did get a little more in depth but it was still managable. Now I'm in my second semester and I have shared my days of crying and feeling stressed. I don't think nursing school itself is hard, however I was working full time and that added to my stress. To me nursing school was never hard its just time consuming. As you get further along and learn about more diseases you may find it more challenging.
    Its great that you aren't stressed. Some people actually have to complete fundamentals so you seem to have a great start.
    Keep up the good work ! I also agree with the above poster ! I'm in med-surg 2 now and yes thats when the you know what hits the fan !
  5. by   Panthyr
    Hehe.... Last semester was my first semester, and when I was in it I was thinking "you know, this isn't bad... what is everyone talking about?" All of my friends felt the same. Now I'm in my second semester; and now I know. My short and quick answer is yes, it does get tougher.