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  1. I am taking a CNA class until my spot opens. My classmate came to class with alcohol on her breath today. I know she is suffering and grieving the loss of her son. I happen to know that this is not the first time this has happened. I told her not to ever do it again and that I would pray for her. Well today we had a lab today and the other students smelled her. They complained of the smell and some accused her of being drunk. The instructors asked her to leave and they said that they would speak with her on Tuesday, ( the next class meeting). She isnt doing well in the class. I feel sorry for her. If you were teaching, what would you do?
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    If I was the instructor - I would have had her call someone to come pick her up and then set up a meeting to discuss the incident. At the meeting, I would have a third party present (as a witness) and let her know this isn't acceptable and offer her information about the Employee Assistance Program (if this is work-related) or some other type of counseling service. This isn't acceptable but it sounds like she has a lot of issues dealing with her grief. While I certainly feel very sorry for her, I would feel sorrier for the patients. You seem like a very compassionate person - could you convince her to go to counseling? Good luck on a very tough decision.