What would you do????

  1. Okay this is kinda long but has been bugging me!!!

    I nearly failed clinical after a really bad report from a one day observation site at Dr X's office. I was flabbergasted and could not understand where the report was coming from at the time... Noting made sense except I corrected the doc when he was calling a thai pt chinese....

    Anyhow today I get a call from a guy I have dated off and on for several years. We are very good friends and still see each other now and then. He has loved me for a long time but I just can't commit due to school and other things now. Him & I were very much in love at one time and almost moved in together and were planning for the future together but I got cold feet and put the brakes on. To this day we are like best friends with occasional, um... benefits shall I say? We are very open and can talk about everything, I can confide anything in him with trust and he has been very supportive of me in so many ways.

    Well we're chatting away and he tells me he has been seeing this woman who is a nurse, and she works at Dr. X's office!! I know immediately which nurse, as she had given me a bit of an attitude that day!!

    When he told me, I was flabbergasted! He had no idea that I had a bad clinical review at that that site, or that I even went there as I hadn't told him. I had never met this woman that he is dating before, but HE has pics of me in his house, and he speaks freely of me with good regards and very open to the fact that there is still something there.

    It kinda hit me that maybe this is why the Rn called and gave me such a bad report!! The only other thing I can think of why I would have received such a negative report would be because I corrected the doc when he was being racist.

    Now I am up in arms over this whole thing- should I explain this all to my instructor or let things be since it is now over and done with?

    BTW- he was calling asking me out.
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    you could try, but it could be that you corrected the physician, especially if you did it in front of anyone else. Doctors can be very vindictive when they want to be. afterall (in the doctors eyes) you were just a lowly nursing student. trust me they don't always think so highly of nurses. some can be just plain butt heads.
  4. by   kukukajoo
    That's what I had thought all along until talking to this male friend today.

    Either way I will never correct anyone that has much power over me again!! Not worth the rest of my life when I have worked this hard to get here.

    I just have a nagging feeling like I was played as it was the RN who called and reported to my instructor, not the doc. So who knows, maybe it was a little of both.

    I can't stand jealousy if this is what it is about, really sucks. Heck she should realize, SHE is the one with him, not me. If I was that interested we would probably be married by now anyhow.
  5. by   muffie
    small world, huh ?
  6. by   amyk_ncsu
    You should really weigh what is important here. You said you almost failed, which I assume means you didn't actually fail because of this. Had you failed, I would urge you to go to your instructor asap and find a way to explain the situation without it sounding like "drama." Since it sounds like you didn't fail, you might should just move on. If its going to have a big negative impact on your grade, think about your instructors personalities. Some may be more receptive to a situation like this than others. Just think about it hard before you make any rash decisions... as said above it might not be the friend of a friend who gave you the negative review, it might have been the doc... Just be careful of what you say, especially if it involves others! Good luck!
  7. by   kukukajoo
    Quote from muffie
    small world, huh ?
    Oh you can't even imagine how small it is here! I have been hit on by men only to find out they are my cousins many times!! Imagine having to grill local men about their family tree before even considering them!

    I was born here but did not grow up here, but my mothers family seems to be half the city! My grandmother alone has 16 brothers and sisters and impossible to know everyone when it is such a massive French catholic family! The branches in this family go everywhere and every time I turn around I am meeting someone I am related to and never knew it!