What will make me stand out above all of the other new grads?

  1. Hello,

    My name is Dana and I will be graduating with my BSN in May 2014. With that date quickly approaching, I find myself gearing up to get started in the field I have always dreamed of being in. However, with so many other new grads applying at the same time, what can I do now to help my resume stand out from the rest? I currently work in Medical Records at a local hospital, I do have past medical experience but I have more clerical, etc. experience than anything. I recently signed up to volunteer at a Hospice House (Hospice is the field I think I want to be in) but is there anything else I should do to make my resume look even more appealing when the time comes?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback!

    God Bless,

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  3. by   Nursestudent14
    I am graduating in May 2014 and have been thinking of the same thing since I have time off over the Christmas holiday. I have been working on my rsum to try and build that up. I have been working at a local hospital as a CNA, and have been involved in nursing groups at school. I have completed a few continuing education credits which my teachers say will help. I also have done research on this topic and they have said just have some good references and a good rsum to build up your application. Any other suggestions would be helpful.
  4. by   classicdame
    ANY experience in a health related facility is a benefit. Other than that, it will depend on your interview, as all new grads are pretty much equal in level of work experience. Smiles go a mile.

    If you know ANYONE at a future employe's facility, I recommend networking. If you have a good relationship with an instructor, ask for names of people to contact or to be included in your peer interview. They will be influenced by the good remarks of their friend, your instructor.

    When you are interviewed, be flexible about expectations. Hospitals are a 24/7 operation so expect to work nights.
  5. by   Katie71275
    For me, I am working as a nurse tech in the field I hope to be employed in (NICU).....Although NICU positions are hard to get in, I hope this will help if there is one open b/c as I have come to find out, NICU is different than what I thought it was(I LOVE IT) and just learning how to move the babies, work the beds, know what the meds/machines are all for, is such an amazing learning experience!

    Other than that, I also do ALOT of community service, both with my school/nursing program, and outside of it
  6. by   LadyFree28
    I have few tips on making yourself stand out:

    1. Play up your past or significant history in healthcare-which is a PLUS! If you volunteered in hospice, what were the most significant skills you used? In nursing school, what patients did you take care of the would play up your exposure???

    Make sure you put those experiences on your rsum...all of us has similar rotations, but if you prepared a case study on a pt, etc., those go a long way.

    2. YOU. That's what stood out for me to get a job. Kind of a Pat Benner geek, talked about my research paper, which was based on her theory. Be honest about how you can be a contributor and an agent of change in nursing...if you don't know yet, examine what stood out to you during nursing school that resounded with you during your clinicals AND in the classroom? If you have previous experiences, in your past capacity, what advocate and leadership roles have you had or did you contribute to anything? CEUs are a plus, but so is belonging to a nursing organization. Your responses about you short and long term investment in the organization. They want to make sure that you are comfortable in having longevity in the organization.

    Hope this helps!!