What to expect at your first clinical at a senior assisted living facility

  1. Starting nursing school at the end of Feb. and my first clinical will be at a senior assisted living facility (care is focused on memory/dementia). I was in the last group to register and this was the only clinical option open. Many of my fellow students have negative feedback on this clinical option (guess this is why it was the last to fill), would love to hear other students real clinical experiences in this area vs hear say. Thanks for the information in advance!
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  3. by   mmc51264
    In my program, we all started in a LTC facility. You get a great appreciation for a population that is not necessarily revered anymore. It is eye-opening. You appreciate what a CNA does if have not had the pleasure of doing that before nursing school (I am not being sarcastic-I worked as a CNA while going to school)
    It shoudl be great experience because when you get finished and are working, you will know how to deal with similar pts. You are going to see a lot in med/surg.
    Go in with a positive attitude and appreciate what you are going to learn, it will be invaluable. You will also meet some amazing people. I work in a rehab unit at a LTC and I love my pts.
  4. by   afterseason
    My first clinical rotation was at a combo facility that did geriatric rehab (after things like hip replacements) and also had an LTC unit. I was not excited to go, but it was actually a great learning experience. Gave me a whole new appreciation for geriatric care, and the slower, calmer pace was much better for my first semester versus starting off in a fast-paced major hospital. This clinical rotation, I will be in a major hospital, and I feel much better prepared! Don't go into it with any preconceptions.
  5. by   CC Wisconsin
    I worked as a CNA at a nursing home before starting nursing school...I love working with the Geri population. It is what you make of it. My favorite part from my LTC days was being able to form a relationship with the patients. You will see a lot of older patients in med-surg so try to become as comfortable as you can with the older population
  6. by   OKNurse2be
    I really enjoyed my LTC clinical. We had 3 weeks in the same facility with the same pt each time, which is something we do not get in the hospital rotation. You learn to appreciate the population that is in the facility as well. A lot of the pts suffer some type of dementia, have mobility issues etc and it's a great way to reinforce those basic nursing skills and learn how to "handle" yourself as a nurse with a pt. Definitely go into it with an open mind. Everything you get to see or do is an opportunity to learn something.
  7. by   chibiRN
    I enjoyed my rotation in LTC. Since it was my first semester of nursing school, we were not able to pass meds or do any other skills yet, so the pace was a lot more relaxed. Enjoy that while you can! This is a great chance to really work on your assessment and care plan skills, as this population has a tendency to enjoy the 1-on-1 attention and the opportunity to teach you about their own illness. As far as memory care goes...some are a ton of fun to work with but be ready for anything! I'll never forget my first SQ injection. It was a confused little old lady, and even though I explained what was about to happen and she seemed to be agreeable and pretty docile, she clocked me right in the side of the head as I gave the injection.
    Even if LTC is not where you want to work later on, go into it with a positive attitude and soak up every single opportunity to learn something new!