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I am about to start the ADN program in the Fall 2003. And I really don't know what to expect in clinicals. Can anyone give me an idea? Will I be following a RN around? Or will I be practicing out... Read More

  1. by   Love-A-Nurse
    susan, thank you for your post.
  2. by   pokey sn
    Hi! I have just finished the first year of my ADN program *whew* so I remeber how both anxious and excited you are about what to expect. Well in my program we took about six weeks before we touched a patient to learn the fundamental skills (bed baths, vital signs, po meds, injections, caths, transfers). Our first rotation was long term care and it was great. In the morning you have pre conference with your instructor where you'll go over your care plan, patient meds (why they are taking them, dose, side effects), and then once that is over you get report from the nurse caring for your patient. You wash, dress, get that patient up and give them their meds (first time instructor is right there). Our first year instructors were great. Be prepared (know your stuff!) and come on time, ask if you don't know, and most of all relax!! You are there to learn and the instructors understand that. Good luck!!!