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Hello, Im currently in an LPN program, Im more than halfway done with the program. Im a good student and have had no problems maintaining a high average so far. Its hard work and time consuming but... Read More

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    i have to clarify once again----holding a tape recorder up (so the other person can see it) when someone is screaming at a level where many other people are hearing is *not* the same thing as tape recording a private conversation. there is *no* expectation of privacy when someone is screaming.

    the two situations are nothing alike, and the law would perceive them as such. screaming is not protected speech!
    unless you are a lawyer, i would be *extremely* careful about providing legal advice and legal interpretation; it could be interpreted as practicing law without a license. i know few lawyers that would make such definitive statements; in fact, that was a complaint that my ex-fiance had about his harvard-law trained father--that he perceived laws to be too malleable.

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    There is strength in numbers. Get all the people harassed/bullied by her to sign a complaint. Then tell her (with all the people who signed beside you, so that no person can be singled out for retaliation) that she has one last chance left before that paper goes to the dean, the local newspapers and the local nursing union.

    Or you could just ask her to take it outside
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    With all due respect, I don't care which certificate hangs on someone's wall. It makes them no more or less knowledgeable than someone else. Contrary to some attorney's opinions, the law was not made for attorneys, it's there to protect the public. A well informed public is a force to be reckoned with!

    Having said that, everyone needs to educate THEMSELVES on legal situations. I've done my homework, I hope you all have done yours also!

    P.S. In my dealings with literally hundreds of attorneys, I've been sorely disappointed by Ivy League attorneys more than once. Some of the most knowledgeable attorneys I know have come from state colleges a/k/a/ 'hick' schools. Just an observation.

    Also I couldn't possibly be 'practicing law without a license' since U.S. attorneys are not 'licensed'--they are 'admitted to the State BAR' and hold a 'BAR card' which is clearly NOT a license! (Have an attorney friend read you their card info sometime) Fun trivia.
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    Quote from IMustBeCrazy

    In the meantime, yes, you better be 100% accurate on everything you do, because you will be under the microscope.
    which is kind of the problem with confrontation and making waves isn't it? we're students, we're not 100% accurate 100% of the time and the grading is all pass/no pass -- obviously very subjective... it's very easy to say you wouldn't put up with something until you're in that situation and then you start running over all the options and realizing that like it or not, they have quite a bit of power over you. i'm not saying don't confront, i'm just cautioning the OP not to jump into such a move without really thinking it through.
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    Im currently in an LPN program, Im more than halfway done with the program. Im a good student and have had no problems maintaining a high average so far. Its hard work and time consuming but Ive got it down pat what I have to do now, or at least I thought I did.

    We have a teacher in her early 50s who I believe is menopausal and strongly believe she is most likely bipoloar or has some kind of chemical imbalance. We used to joke about it but I really think she is. Right now she teaches us one day a week for class and I can put up with her craziness for one day, but now we are getting her for the next 6 weeks of clinicals and thats 3 more days a week. This means we will have to put up with what is basically verbal abuse 4 days a week now.

    This woman is hot and cold. She will be nice and smiling one minute and the next minute u could say something or ask something she doesnt like and she will GO OFF on you and belittle u in front of the whole class. She has brought several students to tears or made them so mad they want to quit and thats just from FILLING in for another teacher in clinicals. Imagine having her for the full rotation. She will scream at students at the top of her lungs in the hospital in front of patients an also on the floor to where u could hear her at the other end of the floor. Even a patient said the other day to a student she was yelling at "There is something wrong with that lady." The way she treats the students is completely uncalled for. Weve had other strict instructors but they are constructive in their criticism and never belittle us or scream at us. They are fair. And if they have a problem it would be addressed privately and not yelled across the hospital floor. I could give u more specific examples of her behavior but this is getting to long. But trust me, its very bad. I can put up with strict, but not psycho.

    Ok, now the problem is nobody wants to do anything about it bc they are afraid that it will only become worse if we got her in trouble and she is tenured(sp) so we know shes not getting fired. And even if she did it would only mess up our anicipated graduation bc there is no one to fill the position. They cant even get subs. There are so many politics at our school nothing would probably done and the students who complained would be identified by name and she would make their life that much worse for it. Also u cannot confront her about her behavior or thats grounds for her to throw the biggest fit ever. She is also known to get students kicked out of the program. So basically everyone hates her but is afraid of getting kicked out for causing controversy, or she would make it so bad for them they would quit.

    I am dreading the next 6 weeks of school and dont know if I will be able to make it through if this is how she continues to treat us students. Does anyone have any suggestions on what can be done? Im so stressed over this.
    I too, am in a similar situation. Although our Pharmacology instructor is probably not menopausal, she does have her moments. I am one of the elected class representatives, and as such, many students have come to me complaining that this instructor has taught us absolutely nothing....I am in total agreement. I have met with the Dept. Head and also with the Dean, and so the harassment and abuse against me started immediately. That's unfortunate (for her), because I have my next letter ready for the Dean before class tomorrow. I am not afraid of this instructor, and I will take it all the way to the top. The Dean basically told me that she will have her tenure revoked by the union if that's what it takes. Please don't be afraid to confront the issue....silence will get you nowhere. Speak UP!
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    I am in the first semester LVN Program, and of course one of our coreq's is Pharm. From day one we have been taught absolutely nothing. I don't even know how this woman got a job as an instructor. She's all about herself. When you ask a question she either sidesteps the issue, doesn't answer at all, or belittles you for asking the question. Here we are at mid-term, and we don't even know how to pour cough syrup into a medicine cup. I decided that I was not afraid of her, so I took my story, along with other student support, to the Department Head and also the Dean. The Dean has basically told me that she will personally see to it that this woman is dealt with. All I had to tell the Dean was that 2/3's of the class failed the one and only exam that she has given. The Dean said, that's enough information for me to know what to do with this. My point is if anyone else is in this type of situation, please, SPEAK UP....do not remain silent for fear of retaliation. This instructor has already started to belittle me in front of the class, but I am one step ahead of her....I have a letter to take to the Dean tomorrow morning to this effect. Action will prevail. Do not sit quietly by SVN's.