what to do after nursing school?

  1. I am finishing up my first year of nursing school, and already feel bombarded with questions about what I am going to get a masters in....and I'm like ummmmm
    I will be 27 when I finish, hoping to get married and start a family at some point after, and I just don't know if a masters program is right for me. Plus the fact that I will have some serious student debt to take care of.
    What I am confused about is what options I do have of furthering my education and potentially taking on more challenging roles in my workplace without a masters or phD? Can anyone give me some suggestions on options because a lot of my professors seem to not understand that not everyone can spend forever in school (which I basically feel like I already have since I have a bachelors in advertising already as well)

    I appreciate any advice!
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    Just tell them that you don't have any immediate plans to return to school. You're going to work for awhile to gain some experience and see what areas of nursing you might be interested in pursuing further.

    Once you find an area of nursing that interests you, you can pursue a specialty certification. There's plenty of conferences and continuing education courses you can take without being enrolled in a university.

    As far as "taking on more challenging roles"- what do you mean by that? If you mean management positions, then you might find that you'll need a Master's in nursing. If you mean complicated patient loads, special projects, etc. you won't need another degree, just experience and whatever certifications that your hospital requires for your desired role.
  4. by   kaydensmom01
    I understand your frustrations. I graduate with my ADN next month, and while I am going back for my bachelors I have no intention of going back for a masters any time soon. I just want to enjoy being a bedside nurse, and find what area I really like. I love nursing so far, and getting your masters pretty much takes you away from bedside most of the time. I am always asked if I want to go for my NP or for a CRNA and when I tell them that I don't plan to they act shocked.