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I am curious about this student nurse board, and am wondering what kind of nursing programs everyine is in. I am currently an LPN, and I am now in an LPN to RN transition program. When I finish I... Read More

  1. by   Notanurse
    I am in completing some pre-reqs. and will start a ASN program in the Fall of 2002. Here in Augusta, GA, I am lucky (I guess). Not only do we have 2 technical schools offering LPN,CVT, Surg. Tech, 2 4-year liberal arts colleges that offer nursing. We also have a medical school offering BSN and MSN programs. Lots to choose from, maybe too much. And 7 area hospitals for clinicals!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   MonthsTillNCLEX
    i am a senior in a bsn program at a small jesuit school in northern wv. may 18th is only 181 days away brandi! :d
    after that i'd like to work.... you couldn't pay me enough to go back into nursing school right away! eventually however i'd liek to get my master's in nursing administration.
    good luck to all!