What is your grading scale in nursing school? - page 4

Where I attend nursing school I think that the grading scale is unfair. There is a shortage of nurses in this county. Why make it so difficult for nursing students to help fill the void. I do... Read More

  1. by   Kabin
    How do the many teachers meet these globally dictated percentages? Certainly each class has unique difficulties, let alone each test, and once a test/assignment is given it's nearly impossible to correct for class wide low scores, aside from:

    1) having extra credit assignments and/or
    2) many students retake many tests/classes

    I'm almost done with my pre-reqs so I have yet to get details of my future BSN program, but I'm thinking that lifting an A to 92% is mainly done because many people already get high scores for these classes. Is that a good assumption?