What is your grading/test criteria at YOUR school?

  1. I'm just starting new threads left and right this morning!!!

    For example:

    Our labs are all pass/fail

    All of our exams are on a point system...each test is 25 points, and 20 is passing, so as long as you AVERAGE 20 points per test, you pass.

    Our grading scale is as follows:

    A= 100-92%
    B= 91-85%
    C= 84-80%
    D= 79-75%
    F= 74% and below

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  3. by   MB37
    74.50 is the lowest C (we round up), and 74.49 is an F. There is no D at my school. Then it's 84 for a B, 93 for an A. In our core classes, we have several exams (6 this semester in Fundamentals) worth 10% each. Then our instructor-made final is 20%, and our percentile on the HESI is another 20%. I believe in both Med-Surg classes next semester (I'm accelerated, we take I and II together) the instructor doesn't make their own final, so the HESI is 40%. Everything else - labs, careplans, med term tests, etc. - are pass/fail. Of course, you have to pass everything to pass the class. So far (this is our second semester of NS, but first of clinicals), I have all As, but most people have seen their grades slip a little. Everyone that I know is passing though, and we have about a 95% NCLEX pass rate - HESI passage correlates to NCLEX passage, so that's why my school ties most of our classes to them.
  4. by   NewRN2008
    in core classes, we have to maintain an 80% TEST average. so pretty much if we do crappy homework we are only hurting ourselves. they dont matter towards our grade in the end.

    As the saying goes..or so i hear..

  5. by   litlamp
    Anything below 80.5 is failing for us. Skills are the same for us, a check off. If you "fail" that, you cannot continue.
  6. by   stef77
    for our nursing classes we have to have a 77 to pass and they don't round up. There are 4 people from last year that failed with a 76.whatever. It's tricky because there are only 3 exams and 1 final. The exams count for 60% and the final is the other 40%. Our clinicals are just pass/fail.

    For the core classes (a&p, phys. etc) the passing grade is a 73(c).