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Hi, I am a 34-year old college grad who wants to go back to school to become a nurse. I am unsure of which route to choose though - I could attend MCP Hahnemann University's nursing school in the... Read More

  1. by   galaxy781
    I know! I hate when the leave us hanging!! I find it so interesting to see how everyone became a nurse, there are just so many ways to do and no best way! Let me tell you, if there hadnt been an 18 month waiting list for the ADN program, thats where I wouldve been!! If there had been an diploma program that would have gotten me there even quicker thats where I wouldve been! LOL I just wanted to be a nurse, I didnt care how I got there! I am kind of glad though that I am pursing a masters just for the one fact that, I feel like I am putting bachelor degree to some use!!! That was 4 long years of studying! LOL