what is a kvu?

  1. My patient at clinicals this week had one, I think it's a radiology test? I looked it up on several lab test websites and no luck........

    any ideas what this is? i thought kvu's were units used to measure radiation, not a general type of test?
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  3. by   mwbeah
    kidney, bladder, ureters
  4. by   meownsmile
    No,, try KUB,, Kidney, ureter, bladder.
  5. by   snwflknurse
    Quote from meownsmile
    No,, try KUB,, Kidney, ureter, bladder.
    (slaps self on forehead)
    that makes sense now...pt with abdominal distention, had a decompression colonoscopy.
  6. by   mwbeah
    Depends where you work it can either be called KUB or KBU

  7. by   naggytabby
    did you by chance mean kvo--keep vein open??
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    Quote from mwbeah
    kidney, bladder, ureters
    KUB: Kidneys connect to Ureter to Bladder
    type of abdominal Xray specifically including those organs.

    KVO: Keep vein open -- with Intravenous fluid.

    Abbreviations are really being discouraged these days as being off by ONE letter or interpreting sloppy handwriting incorrectly can have devastating consequences to client.

    ASK next time back at clinicals, NEVER just guess.
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