What is a good pass rate?

  1. I am wondering what a good pass rate is for a nursing school. What is acceptable or very good. I know one I applied to has 95% pass rate and I am not sure of the other, still trying to research. How do you find out drop out rates of different schools as well. Thanks - Angie
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  3. by   orrnlori
    Pass rates are a matter of public record but I don't know about drop rates. People drop for lots of reasons including pregnancy, divorce, etc. Although I'm sure most drop because they see the writing on the wall. I think you'll find in nursing programs that the attrition rate is pretty high everywhere. Lots of people watch "ER" and think, cool, I can do that. Well, we all know that not everyone can. Our pass rate for the 3 classes before mine were 100%, pretty awesome statistic. My classes rate was 98%. I think 95% is excellent. Getting below 92% would I believe cause a program to be considered for probation, at least in my state. That's the reason schools are so very tough. They have to keep up their pass rates or they risk their accreditation. And that's why you a taught to pass the boards, rather than taught more clinical functions that you'll need when you get on the floor, kind of a catch 22.
  4. by   Sheri257
    In California the minimum NCLEX pass rate for a school to maintain accreditation is 70 percent. However, the average NCLEX pass rate in California, and nationwide, is about 85 percent.

    So, if you're looking at a 95 percent pass rate, that's excellent by comparison. Anything above 85 percent is good.

    I don't know about drop rates.

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  5. by   gerry79
    I believe a good pass rate is above the national and state average. The last time I checke the national average was at 85%. I researched the graduation rate in my state for all nursing programs (number of entering students vs graduates), and the attrition rate was about 45%. As one poster stated there are many reasons for dropping out. Also consider the number of students in a program at graduation. If there are 10 students remaining, and all pass the nclex, than the rate looks great. But if a program has a large number of graduates taking the exam than the pass rate numbers may be down a bit.
  6. by   purplemania
    the BON has lists of pass rates for various schools and "good" is defined by state guideliness (at least in TX). Find out if the published rate is for first time testtakers only, or do they include grads who re-tested then passed? Go to www.ncsbn.org for list of BON. As for drop rates, call the nursing school office. I don't know if that info is a matter of public record, but it sure won't hurt to ask.