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Started my psych rotation yesterday and the home we were assigned to was staffed by one RN and six Psych-Techs. The staff seemed very unprofessional and untheraputic towards how it treated its... Read More

  1. by   nomsa
    All those who have negative attitudes about psych Techs, get crazy and you will love psych Techs as you will seek help from them!!
  2. by   fourpattersons
    In California it is almost a 2 year program and you must be state licensed to work as a Psych Tech. Just short of the RN program here as well. Mental Health Tech are different here in California. I dont know where you are from though. =)
  3. by   fourpattersons
    I totally agree. In California a Psych Tech is a professional Health Care Worker. We have to be state licenced, and plenty of schooling. I think most of these people are talking about Aides, Mental Health Worker, or Psych Aide. In other states, the criteria is much lower. I was thinking the same thing. Glad I ran into your post =)
  4. by   mssjez
    In my state, Psych Techs are high school graduates with hospital experience. That's it.
  5. by   Hygiene Queen
    Where I am at, we hire CNA's for geriatrics only. We have a split team of CNA's (which we call PCT's) and BHA's (Behavioral Health Associates which require a 4 year degree, preferably psych related).
    It is physically and mentally challenging to work with geri-psych patients.
    Our CNA's are (usually) very intelligent and most are pursuing higher education... even if they hadn't planned on it initially.
    There is just something about the culture of our unit that encourages furthering education.
    I started there as a PCT and already had 15 years of CNA and geriatric experience under my belt. I was snatched up and well-paid.
    Unfortunately, ADL's may get left in the dust in the pursuit of physical safety for all on the unit.
    It is frustrating, but until staffing ratios actually reflect the acuity of the unit, so it shall remain.