What goodies will I find in my lab kit?!!

  1. hi, everyone!

    next week i start health assessment and will be receiving a lab kit! i know a stethoscope will be included and we were told iv tubing, but what else might be in there? anyway...i am so excited for this class and i can't wait till next thursday to find out! please let me in on what was included in your kits...if you got one!!!

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  3. by   CrunchyMama
    In our bag which was $295 BTW and didn't include a stethoscope, we had to buy one seperately...blah! Anyway....ours have various size needles, ampules, bottles of saline to draw up, gauze, cath kit, IV bags and tubing, gloves (sterile and non), I think that's about it. Now that I'm almost a senior, we'll get more stuff before fall semester starts. Good luck!!