What does the "ADN GPA" consist of

  1. After speaking with my community college counselor, I'm more confused than ever as to what my ADN GPA and BSN GPA are made up of. According to her, my ADN GPA will only consist of the nursing courses I took specifically at that college, and does not include any nursing pre-requisite classes I needed to get admitted into the program. Does this sound correct?

    In the same way, she stated my BSN GPA will only be made up of the classes I take at the four year university (RN-BSN bridge classes), and for the purpose of GPA will not include the GPA of any classes I take at other institutions (i.e. ADN). So if I understand her correctly, my ADN GPA will not be a part of my BSN GPA? This is really confusing me because, then, in the case of grad school admissions, how do institutions fairly compare one BSN GPA to another institutions BSN GPA. What am I misunderstanding here?
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  3. by   203bravo
    Some nursing schools tend to get very confusing with their GPA calculation... They have an overall GPA, science GPA, PreReq GPA, Nursing GPA, etc and many schools calculate them differently in which courses they include and which they don't... If I were you, I really wouldn't worry about it and do your best in all courses.. trust me that your academic transcript will have all the courses that you have attempted (passed or failed) shown therefore you will have an overall GPA the includes all your courses both ADN and BSN.

    Best of luck.
  4. by   forevernursem
    Hi! I'm in an ADN program right now and my GPA consists of all of my prerequisites and the nursing program courses. When I graduate with my ADN and transfer to the university, my GPA will start over and only consist of the courses I take for my BSN. So, you're correct your ADN GPA will not be apart of your BSN GPA. I'm not sure if this varies depending on where you are or what school you attend, but that is how it is here in Michigan.
  5. by   hurricanekat
    For my school - it doesn't matter what I took where or when - they use my OVERALL GPA - all of it - even the courses I took as dual enrollment in high school. If I want to continue further - they will consider ALL of my undergraduate coursework (wether for my 1st BS degree or my BSN) - if it is undergrad it is counted. I will either need a 3.6 (from ALL of it combined) or I have to take the GRE. Also retaking a course doesn't do me a bit of good - it just gets averaged in to whatever else.

    Its a school by school basis.