what did your school require?

  1. I must of been lucky..I havent been to school in over 5 years, have taken no additional classes since I went for Surgical Tech. I, on a whim, applied to Nursing school (affiliated with my hospital) and was accepted. I havent taken any pre-req's and all Gen Ed classes are worked in with the nursing classes over the 2 yr ASn program. What did your school require to even apply and did you take the classes (english, AP 1&2, Soc, Psych, Nutrition) before applying, is your program just nursing classes?

    Im just curious, thanks!

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  3. by   midcom
    My school, a private college, works the same way. All Gen Ed courses are fit into the program. This one is LPN, though, not ASN. This is my 3rd term & my classmates are taking College Writing and Psychology as well as Chronic Med Surg. Those of us who took it at a previous college have an easier schedule this term. I'll be in class 4 hours a week & clinic 10 hours. Not too bad. For me, all my classes are nursing classes.
  4. by   BoonersmomRN
    My school basically required that you finish your pre-req's first...I mean they SAY they accept people without them all done- but no one in the program has ever met anyone else who actually got in before finishing them all. They were English 101+ 102, Psych 101 +103 ( human growth/development), Sociology 101, Speech 101, Statistics, Biology( cellular), A+P 1+2, Micro, and Health/Nutrition...i swear I'm missing something else but I can't remember!
  5. by   pjgarrett1388
    Hey, my school works the same way! I will have some classes out of the way, but not all of them. They told us if we chose to not take non-nursing classes first then we didn't need to have a full-time job. I'm really lucky that I live at home since I just graduated from high school in 2006; it will allow me to focus all of my time on school and not have to worry about bills.
  6. by   amyk_ncsu
    My school's curriculum allows for all the gen ed classes to be taken simutaneously, but generally people get them out of the way first. There is a "pre-nursing" program which you can do first and do all your gen ed, but you dont have to. Personally, I am taking A&P 1&2 and Micro while taking nursing, but the rest I have already done (previous college). It doesn't seem that the school really recommends taking gen ed and nursing, but they will let you.