What are you're teachers like?

  1. Just for fun I decided to read several of the post on here asking for help and found out that there are a lot of terrible, confusing, or misguided teachers. So I thought I'd ask what you're teachers are like and compare. Personally I have super involved teachers, but I realize this is not always the case and could be because I have a small class size
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  3. by   Mewsin
    We also have a small class size and our instructors are amazing. Even the facility manager where I work praise our teachers. Specifically my lab instructor is the one who gets the praise. I am really fortunate to have them. My instructor has 100% pass rate on the national exam.
  4. by   donk
    I have some super amazing instructors and the. I have some the I don't think I'll miss when I move onto next semester lol!! I just approach every class the same with an attitude that I'll change my learning style to match their teaching style, with some classes that's much harder to do than others but it saves me headaches in the end!!
  5. by   PnutButterJelly
    Almost all of my teachers have been amazing. We have a small class too and mostly get support as needed. My first semester clinical instructor though...definitely not going to miss her. The stories I could tell are horrible.
  6. by   Nursing2102
    For the most part, many of my teachers thus far seem to be very intelligent and they really know what they are talking about and can teach from experience as well. One example: one of my nursing professors teaches at night and is a labor and delivery nurse manager during the day. You can tell those teachers who know what they are talking about and have experience under their belt as opposed to the ones who just teach to get the paycheck. One of my nursing professors last semester was a complete waste of my money and IMO (and the rest of the class) should not be teaching.
  7. by   rkstar00
    We have had quite a few Amazing instructors. At the same time we have a few instructors that... well honestly, I am not quite sure how they found their way to the school each day. Then you have the ones that absolutely know EVERYTHING! When in fact, most of what they tell you is wrong. Thank GOD for text books! I think you are going to have that mix everywhere you go. You can't like them all but you can definately learn something from everyone, sometimes it is not exactly what they set out to teach you!