What are your care plans like? - page 3

I am a little curious how care plans differ from one school to another. I am in my second semester of an ADN program. We have to do 3 care plans each week. For each one we have to do 2 pages of... Read More

  1. by   richardjboro1
    I guess we're "blessed" down here. We do ONE care plan per rotation on a given scenario. We do weekly "pre plans" that have 2-3 nursing dx and med list, drug list, etc, but it is only 2 pgs. The "real" care plan is this huge monstrosity (sp) of citing papers, articles, etc. but only 2-3x per semester.


  2. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    I go to a community college and we have 2 rotations each semester. We are required to do 3 4-part nursing diagnoses for each clinical day, and a total of 3 care plans for each rotation (for a total of 6 care plans). My school is very skill-focused, but we do a wide variety of paperwork.

    Our care plans are very short, but they must be very detailed and we end up re-doing them at least once to make it perfect.