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I am only in pre-nursing at the moment getting all my pre-reqs out of the way. Have read descriptions of all the nursing courses an am intrigued as to what they are really like? MAny thanks!... Read More

  1. by   Indy
    Speaking of pathophysiology, I got a new book that I really like. It's "Diseases" published 2000 by Lippincott. Nice little compact thing that really has a very good scope and is written for nurses. It follows the same type format that our med-surg book does, with a lot less of the colorful pictures. (which are awfully distracting for me when I just want to read) I've been using it for the times I have ten minutes and wanna read about something I've never heard of.

    In high school, we often had novels to read for english... remember picking them apart ninety ways to sunday and about destroying any of the enjoyment you'd get out of them?? I would find out what was coming up and read it in my spare time, in order to enjoy it. Well that's what I recommend for pathophys. You're gonna be exposed to all of it, at least in school, so you may as well enjoy it, even in small bits here and there. I remember better what I read in my spare time, it seems.