Wellness Care Plan Help Please

  1. HI everyone. I dont post much in here due to being extremely shy, but I do read every day.
    I have an assignment due next week for my Fundamentals class that I am just totally stuck on.

    We have to create a Wellness Care Plan for ourself. It has to include the R/T and the AEB and an Eval. I dont even know what I should start with.

    I have 2 Careplan books and both of them seem to only have "sick" diagnoses.

    Any any any help would be so greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. by   Daytonite
    A care plan is nothing more than a written expression of the nursing process. So, to do the nursing process on yourself, you start with step #1, collect data. What kind of medical history do you have? Do you have any current diseases or ongoing illnesses? Have you already had lectures or taken a class in doing a review of systems? You would merely do this on yourself. Next is to make a list of those things from that data that are not what would be considered normal. I'm starting to call this a shopping list of symptoms. If you have an ongoing illness of some sort, those symptoms will be important on this list. Step #2 is to take this shopping list and see if any of the symptoms on it can be grouped into nursing diagnoses. If you have a nursing diagnosis handbook, it can be very helpful in finding a nursing diagnosis to fit some of the symptoms. There are also a few diagnoses that fit the perfectly well person. Step #3 is to plan care. Outcomes, goals and interventions are developed for the symptoms that you used to determine each nursing diagnosis. Step #4 is the implementation of the information you put together in Step #3. Step #5 is evaluation of the effectiveness of the overall plan. This is the time to revise the plan based on whether or not outcomes and goals were achieved.

    Does that help?