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Hey guys! How are all of you? I just can't seem to get enough of this site!!! I love it! :D Ok, here's my post for the night: What are some really good nursing websites? I want to know about sites... Read More

  1. by   sweetsmile
    Thanks these sites are great!
  2. by   celclt
    y'all have outdone yourselves! thank you sooooo much!
  3. by   Kimberley.RN
    These sites are GREAT!!! I'm going to take Micro and A&P II in the fall so any help I can get is much appreciated.
  4. by   odooma
    hi everyone,

    I have to take the NET or TEAS test and would like some help. Just like there are some NCLEX questions everyday. Can you all help if you can remember some of your questions from NET or TEAS.

    I desparately want to take it once.
  5. by   Dublin37
    [font="comic sans ms"]i tried a bunch of these websites. many, many of them are no longer there or they charge $ for services (such as lung sounds!). anyway, i thought it would be lovely if each person who made these could update their list. that would be lovely, and i really do appreciate all the help. heather
  6. by   jolena_75
    Thank you so much for sharing all of these great websites..I have already spent a few hours looking at them this morning and bookmarked quite a few of them...These will keep me busy for a long time..
  7. by   markllego
    NOTHING to say more about these.. speech less ..hehehe!! its very helpful!
  8. by   stilltrying
    Dublin37. The student nurse study is a site that has all the lung sounds,and it's current. I use it all the time.
  9. by   jadu1106
    i am posting some links i know are useful--i currently use them and posted them on another thread but think many will find it helpful here also.
    click on begin exam for 49 questions!

    from cardiac and dr. dale dubin a file on ekg interpretation and more

    pharmacology study aids
  10. by   Hischild777
    hello i found this website in an old post and found it very helpful! it is medical mnemonics.:typing i thought i would share it with you, and maybe it can help you too! god bless!!!
  11. by   celclt
    LOVE THIS! thanks!
  12. by   sirI
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  13. by   krissybee14
    Thank you so much for the wonderful website you have posted here... It will definitely be a good resource for me and for others wanting to get into the nursing field... God bless...