VERY First Clinical

  1. So yesterday I went to my first clinical and I must say it went a LOT better than I expected it to go. Now I am excited for the next one. We really are not allowed to a lot of stuff yet because we haven't went over a lot of skills besides the basics like vital signs, physical assessment, linen change, transfers, and bed baths. Has anyone else went to there first clinical that would like to share their experience? If you haven't yet, when do you go to your first clinical?
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  3. by   Gemini616
    And if you haven't don't be nervous they are just people like you and I.
  4. by   ramonabeth
    My first clinical is a week from today. I'll get back to you.
  5. by   CFnDogs
    I remember my first clinical, I too had a positive experience.

    Remember that not EVERY day will live up to your "expectations". Some days you will feel like a rockstar, others might leave you feeling a little (or a lot!) clueless. Be open to the experience. Be humble and willing to help EVERYONE on the floor. The more you make yourself open to the opportunities, the more opportunities you get, and the better your experience will be.

    Sometimes you get a crappy day (I got put with an RN once who HID from any student she got!), but I firmly believe clinical is as good as you make it. Many people get themselves SO worked up, nervous, and disappointed. Roll with the punches.

    TIP: Be nice to the CNA's. Help them when you can, tell them you are available to help. You will learn a lot about basic patient care from them.
  6. by   zeenurse100
    I have my first clinical on Thursday and I'm really nervous about it. I'm glad you had a good experience! I hope mine goes well too. Were the patients and staff nice?
  7. by   mindofmidwifery
    My first clinical was last semester at a nursing home we didn’t do too much besides vitals and full assessments. We got to pass meds one week.
    I’m in my second semester now and I’m on a medical surgical unit in a hospital. My first clinical day was last week and we were assigned a patient and had to do a full assessment on them. My clinical instructor also taught us how to interpret EKGs. Whatever we learn in lab we’ll be able to do in clinical but my instructor said even if we don’t learn it in lab, if a nurse asks us to do something and we want to do it we just have to ask her to help and watch us do it.
  8. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    That's great to hear! I don't start nursing school until January, and I can't wait for clinicals!
  9. by   Gemini616
    Most of the staff I meet were nice. The patients were nice, too.
  10. by   Gemini616
    I was expecting the worst to happen I don't know why though.
  11. by   imhorsemackerel
    My first clinical experience was interesting. I remember the person we were assigned to was very contracted. We had to change her clothes and give her a bed bath. It was very difficult, but by the third day everything was a bit easier. I found the mental health and pediatrics rotations' clinicals much more interesting.

    When it came time for geriatrics, we had clinicals at the same rehab we had fundamentals clinicals. Unfortunately we would prepare people for bed baths but there wouldn't be any towels, soap, etc in the clean linen closet. We always had to make do with what we had. When we got to ambulate people, some were apprehensive. But many were appreciate with the help. Since the place was understaffed, unfortunately many do not get to ambulate as often as they should.