urgent question..please help!!

  1. hello. im a nursing student and doing clinicals right now. im working on my care plan at the moment and am having a hard time with one part. theres a part that says "list potentional inquiry or research questions you found regarding care of your patient".

    little background info: my patient is in the hospital for an open wound knee infection from total knee replacement surgery. she has a skin graft donor site on her left thigh. her infected knee is being mobilized in an immobilizer. she is also a katrine evacuee.

    for some reason my brain is not functioning anymore and i cannot think of any good questions to list. i would really appreciate it if anyone could give me a little nudge or something to help me out. thank you so much in advance!!
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  3. by   jamonit
    do they want nursing diagnoses? or just in general what are her complications?

    expand for me, and i'll help ya.
  4. by   moongirl
    iquiry questions? Like what is in her H&P that led to the surgery to begin with? how did it become infected, is she unable to care for a wound..
    does she live alone now, and where?
    research- on the infection, graft?
    that type of stuff?
  5. by   neneRN
    Research or inquiry questions would be issues noted with this patient that have the potential for improvement or review of practice to find the best/improved practice...let's see, like how does stress (Katrina evacuee) affect the healing process? Look at what is being done for the patient, is it evidence/research based? Whatever dressings are being utilized...is changing drsgs daily better than q 2 days? Is moist drsg better than dry? How does knee immobilization affect wound healing? I would do an online search for journal articles related to wound healing/knee surgery and see what has been researched; this may give you some ideas of research questions relevant to your pt.