urgent, need help with school project

  1. i have a paper due for mother-baby. i need you all to PLEASE discuss your mother baby/labor delivery class and your clinicals. do you have clinicals? what have you done on your clinicals? what all experiences have you had? do all of you get time in labor and delivery or just in mother baby floor? anything that relates to this, please post!!!!
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  3. by   Marianne518
    Not sure if this is going to help you at all....but here goes:

    We had 4 weeks L&D rotation....our instructor made sure that everyone had the opportunity to see a C-section and a regular delivery....and one week mother/baby...and the last week she let us pick what we wanted to do. I loved the mother'baby unit, so I got to spend another week there....most of my friends prefered to see another delivery.
  4. by   carlalogan
    Sorry, I'm just starting so I haven't done that yet. good luck to you though!
  5. by   BurnerKG
    come on people, please give me info on your OB clinicals!!!!!!!!!
  6. by   belicosa
    hi, i spent three clinicals in each area: mother-baby, newborn nusery and l&d. then we choose two days to go to any area i chose NICU. NIcu was the best!! Mother-baby a little boring for me and l&d ...hard to watch.
  7. by   wsiab
    OB clinical Rotation - 14 weeks, one day a week, 7a-3p,6 weeks post partum with 1-2 couplets, 1 week NICU, 7 weeks L&D (at least 1 wk with antepartum pt, at least 1 vaginal delivery & 1 c/s, 1 day in triage). Follow up home visits with one pt (3 visits).

    Peds Rotation - 1-2 8hr shifts in NICU

    Senior preceptorship (choice of specialty areas & facilities, I did OB) - 14 weeks 2 days per week with preceptor, LDRP's, antepartem, Labor & Delivery then recover (vaginal & c/s - circulating), 2-3 PP couplets,NICU, Charge (leadership requirement), triage, NST's - assignment varied depending on census. Inservice/teaching requirement (Childbirth class), 1 hour presentation in class on topic of choice (SIDS, Back to Sleep). Staff classes/inservices, NRP cert & perinatals skills class.
  8. by   Bonnie Blue
    My OB clinical is 5 weeks, 2 days a week for 8 hours. Four of the five weeks are doing mother/baby care, one week in L & D. We have had care plans every week, only one of them graded though. We pick up a mother and baby and are supposed to do all the care/assessment stuff. hope that helps.
  9. by   Miss_Layla
    My OB clinicals were twice a week (5 hours a day). I spent one week in newborn, one week in post partum, one week on call for labor and delivery (had to see at least 2 deliveries), one week split between NICU and community health (mom and baby check 2 weeks after delivery). On top of all of that, I had a case load project which consisted of following a pregnant woman through the last few weeks of her pregnancy. I had to attend all prenatal appointments, visit the home before and after the baby was born and be present for the birth. This information had to be journaled along the way and then presented to the nursing department. Ok that wore me out just thinking about it all again....LOL It was a very busy and fast clinical. Being on call for labor and delivery was fun until they called me at 3am The nice part about it was that I got to see about 10 deliveries, one of which was a c-section.