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I'm not generally a very open person. I like to keep my personal things private. But this, I can't deal with alone and have a hard time confiding in my friends in real life. So, any kinds words would... Read More

  1. by   locolorenzo22
    As a male, I think he is coping with the loss and the stress by the stage of denial. BE FIRM! The DR told you bed rest only....unless he went out and got a degree from the "Dr. Nick" street clinic, tell him that groceries usually get put away better with a set of strong arms behind them. He is probably scared and not used to doing what you do, thinking that you will/should be fine and that you doing those things will make you better. I'm with the others...Do to self as you would tell a patient to do...Thoughts/prayers/and hopes be with you....
    Plus side, at least your school is understanding. We had a student just have a baby and they made her drop the course period.....
  2. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    Thank you everyone for your kind words and sharing your experiences. No, they are not monitoring me every other day. I spent 3 days/2 nights in the hospital, and have a followup appointment next Thursday. My HCG levels had actually risen (from about 503 to 550) in those 3 days AFTER the methotrexate. So, I wish the appointment was sooner, but I haven't had TOO much pain and I'm feeling better with each day. I'll be going back to school on Monday. Hopefully, my body can handle it.
  3. by   shellsgogreen
    i know this is an incredibly tough time and not much anyone can say will ease the sadness - just wanted to say that my prayers are also with you