1. Ok, My Hesi was cancelled for today because they did not get the test disks. They were thinking they were going to get it next week since they were going to put in another order and have them overnight express it which is pretty costly. However, somehow some pretty vocal classmates of mine managed to talk the instructors into changing the date of the HESI to May 3rd which is the day after our final over the same exact content that will be on the HESI expect the questions are different of course and the HESI is a standardized test.

    Well, we took a vote and the majority of the class agreed including me. One girl brought up a good point. We can study for both the HESI and the final at the same time since it will contain the same content .

    At first I was disappointed last night but now I am ok especially since we had over 90 pages of neuro lecture powerpoint slides and it was all rushed through and a lot of it was skipped over and we had to read a lot in the book. I did not have time to finish all the reading since we had just finished neuro.

    So hopefully that means with the extra study I will be able to do good and not worry quite as much.

    Have a good weekend everyone.
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  3. by   CountrifiedRN
    I'm glad it worked out for you!
  4. by   meownsmile
    I can understand completely. We just finished our neuro lecture and have the test on Wednsday. Our HESI is scheduled for the 15th of May, but that will BE our final. We have 3 tries at pass and if we are unsuccessful they have decided they wont let us graduate and we retake the 4th semester of the ADN program.

    Not quite sure how to take all this work this semester coming down to and riding on one standardized test. Seems like they should have just given us the HESI at the end of the 3rd semester and if we didnt pass make us finish the 4th semester.
    Ya, right, well it sounds good anyway