University of Oklahoma San Diego Fall 2009

  1. Hi!

    I applied for the accelerated nursing program at University of Oklahoma in San Diego for fall 09 and I am anxiously waiting for the results. Does anybody know when they will notify the applicants?


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  3. by   OrlaMG
    I don't know when they are supposed to send out their decision letters. Please let me know when you hear back!
  4. by   laura06baby
    I heard they start sending letters July 8th and they are accepting only 58 students
  5. by   Roushel
    Thanks laura06baby. Do you know if they will notify through email or through snail mail?
  6. by   laura06baby
    Roushel, I assume both...I cant wait for us to find out!!!!!!! did you take your CPR class?
  7. by   Roushel
    No, I havent. Is that a requirement to be accepted?
  8. by   laura06baby
    Oh nooooo
    I just did it so I can save time if and when Iwill be accepted....
  9. by   Roushel
    Whew! I got nervous there for a sec! goodluck to the both of us! I hope we both get in.
  10. by   laura06baby
    yes, keep in touch!!!! Hopefully we find out next week.....
  11. by   laura06baby
    just to update everyone

    we are going to get a letter by the end of the week
    good luck everyone
  12. by   OrlaMG
    I got my letter today! good luck!
  13. by   laura06baby
    did you get in?

    I got accepted yeyyyy
  14. by   OrlaMG
    I did! yea!