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Last week, I received a letter regarding to go for an interview to work for the USPS. This month I will be starting prequisites for an ADN nursing program. I forgot that I took the postal test about... Read More

  1. by   Jennerizer
    At least go to the interview so you won't always be wondering "what if." I also went through the interview process where they called you in, said they would call you for a second interview & then only wanted part-time flex & you had to be available within 1 hour notice----just in case one of the full-time carriers called in sick.

    However, perhaps your interview would be different & you would be offered more than part-time flex to start. Is it possible to work & go to school is you are just starting on your prerequisites? Or would you rather go full-time so you can get done sooner?

    I think all things happen for a reason...so perhaps this is a test to see if you truly do want to pursue nursing.

    Hellllo nurse---I appreciate your opinion about nursing & have no doubt that it sounds as though you are overworked. Have you ever thought about pursuing a different avenue in nursing if you are unhappy with what you are currently doing?
  2. by   Lisa24
    I've decided to go for the postal job, it will only be part time so it will give me a chance with school. I will be starting my prequisites and I will enter the Nursing program (depending on my progress) in summer of 2004. I really need the $$$$$$$$ so i will go for it. Thanks again everyone for all your advice. Take care......:kiss
  3. by   dianacs
    This is such an unusual thread--just tonight a fellow student walked into class with his postal carrier uniform on! Who knew?