uh oh...admissions change!!

  1. so I was browsing the university website again, and I noticed that some of the health science programs have changed their admission process. Rather than ranking by pre-req grades, they are now having every applicant write a test and then ranking them based soley on that test!!! Now, it didnt specify if this will apply to the nursing program (god I hope not! otherwise, why am I working my butt off in my pre-reqs???). I wont find out until may!!

    I am going to be a basket case if this is going to be the admission process for nursing. I hate writing tests, and it scares me that my whole future could be based on one stinking test! (I mean really, what if someone has a bad day? and what about those who did very well in classes, but arent the greatest at tests?)

    sigh...I just wanna be a nurse!!!
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  3. by   Jen2
    I know how you feel. Although, in most of my pre-req classes I could have a bad test day with not much consequences. It seemed that there was always the lowest grade dropped, a curve, extra credit or whatever. Not in nursing only 4 tests a semester and each one must be passed. No curve, no extra credit, not even a crumb. I'm sure you will do fine. Just get the details first and make sure it also applies to the nursing program. Good luck.