UGH! Pharm.....Might not make it ....

  1. I knew Pharm would be hard, but THIS is rediculous. In our LVN program our Pharm course is 2 weeks long, that's it! 2 weeks to go through all the drugs and pass our final with 85%. It started Monday and so far we have had to do 2 drug cards and had 2 quizzes. To top ot off we had 4 days of medical math just before starting Pharm and the total points carried over. I went into Pharm with a 86% since then my score has gone up to 87% but that is too close for me. Every other part of our program has a 75% for passing, but pharm is 85%. Monday we have another quiz. Now initially our final was going to be the 9th (This coming Friday) But due to some scheduling problems with our instructor they had to move it to the 14th. We start clinical on December 12th. Originally they had planned the final so that it was over by the time we started clinical, but now everyone gets to go to clinical for 1 day, come back have our parenteral return demo and our final and then whomever doesn't make it with an 85% is out of the program. So we ALL had to get our uniforms (They require 3 since we go to clinical M-T-W) the tops are 43.00 a piece, the pants 27.00 a piece, plus new shoes and all. Ugh! I just want to make it but I am starting to get stressed out about it. To top it off all 3 of my kids came down with fevers and coughs this week of all weeks!!!

    Oh well, I just needed to vent. Back to practice my oral med administration and med cards for the test monday
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  3. by   BurnBaby06
    Wow! I can see how you would be stressed! My program separates the two. We had drug administration and then in the spring we take Pharmacology. I ended up writing this HUGE letter to the administration of my school because my drug administration class was only 21 hours! We only did four chapters on the book and I think I learned one formula! I, in no way, feel prepared to pass meds or give injections at all.

    I cannot believe they are making everybody spend so much on uniforms! That is crazy! What if someone doesn't make it? I hope they would at least refund them!

    Hang in there! It sounds like Murphy's Law hit you full force this week! Next week will be better-you will pass, the kids will feel better and you get to start clinical!

    Good luck!
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  4. by   AnnieJac
    All I can say is WOW!!!!!! My pharm is online. We learned injections and stuff in our Fundamentals tho. I am very comfortable with that. Our pharm is strictly meds. Which really hurts my brain! I keep telling the instructor, there is no way I"m gonna remember all these! She says, don't worry, as you work with them, you'll know them. My uniforms were like that. Expense wise. Its crazy! I had to take out a little loan lol! It sucks!!!!!! I hope mine last for the 3 terms I have left. You will make it! Please keep us updated, I want to know how things are going. I can't believe you have to pass with a 85%, thats a WOW! We have to pass with a 75%. The math isn't bad once you get the formulas. I struggled with the IV formulas for awhile, but you will get them. Its all very similar. Good luck! If you need help, drop me a line. I can try to help with the formulas if your struggling. I have a disc that really helped.
  5. by   Race Mom
    Hey Pink! You are at a point that you need to make a decision that will HELP you...are you going to DO IT!, or hope you can get it done? The mind is a beautiful thing, once you learn how to control it. Right now you need to tell yourself, with a smile on your face, that..."its tough, but I AM GOING TO DO IT"! Do not let those negative thoughts in. You will see a immediate difference in your attitude about your ability when you just believe, holeheartedly, in yourself. Do not doubt yourself. Believe in yourself.

    Good luck! You WILL pass this class.

  6. by   RNin2007
    WOW, 2 weeks?? I am sure you are feeling so stressed right now. Do the best that you can do and hit those books hard. I have kids too so I understand what it is like when they come down with something.

    Suggestion on your uniforms...until the Christmas season passes, you can probably get away with one set, then just wash them as soon as you get home each M & Tue evening. To prevent them from wearing out prematurely, spare them from the dryer and hang them on plastic hangers in a doorway or your bathroom to dry. Then put them in the dryer in the a.m. to dewrinkle/de-crunchify them. I know with Christmas coming soon (especially with kids) this might help.

    Hang in there! That sounds so hard doing an entire Pharm class in two weeks. We had a medication administration test, but we had no instruction on it at all. We were expected to learn the book on our own time, then be tested on it. The book got WAY more into depth than our test was actually surprising.