UAB BSN Spring 2018

  1. Hey guys! Just wanted to see if there's anyone out there that got accepted to UAB's BSN program for Spring 2018! I got in! Let me know what you've heard. Tips and tricks, whatever you can offer!!
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  3. by   Iwnt2savetheworld
    lol I made a forum I think I am going to delete it and just look at yours.. I literally only know one person who got in.

    I am super OCD and have started to try and get books and everything lol
    I have talked to some people and was told that for the fundamentals course all of the books are not needed. ( there were about 6 books snoozy's had listed as required).

    I know the only purchase soon , is at the new student info. 2 scrub tops and bottoms and the lab coat is what is recommended for purchase that day . I am seriously hoping it is the price they estimated in our packet and not the price on the website ( tuition and fees) which said 350.

    I was looking for shoes and was afraid that I may not like the ones that are slip on. I think I need a shoe that I will be able to lace up

    one girl said she got her stethescope from amazon that works perfectly fine and was 40.00 cheaper than the cheapest one in our packet

    as I get more information I wil post here.

    :-) :-) :-)
  4. by   RHAMM_5550
    Yay!! I'm so happy you got in. I have heard that you can get a lot of the books on eBay and sites like that. I have a friend that is a third-semester right now, so she is super helpful.

    I know that we have to buy the scrubs, a lab coat, and a polo shirt. Apparently we will never wear the polo shirt, so don't worry about getting the khakis and brown/black shoes until you actually have to wear them.

    I'm stressed about the immunizations! I want a list that just says everything I need to have but I can't find one.
  5. by   Iwnt2savetheworld
    Yeah I'm hoping I got all my immunizations as well . Do we Have to wear business casual to the info session or just the orientations?
  6. by   NurseYoshi
    Hey guys!

    I'm just a random person who goes to UAH (in my final semester), but I have TONS of friends that moved down to go to UAB and I just wanted to say CONGRATS!

    Ps I'm totally jelly that UAB puts your name on your lab coat. My cohort was the first at UAH to get the UAH college of nursing put on our white coats, but no names so a lot of white coats got mixed up.

    Anyways, once again, congrats! Don't try to stress too much! Some of my friends were majorly stressed and others still went out and partied and lived it up (I don't know how. Lol)
  7. by   Xylialover
    I got in too, congrats. I only know one other person who got in. Ive been listening on youtube and asking my friends that are in 1st semester now. If I were you I would go ahead and figure out your learning style. I ordered some books, Saunders mostly! Also reviewing anatomy. Cant wait for the info session!
  8. by   Iwnt2savetheworld
    CONGRATS I'm super excited! What exactly are you reviewing as far as anatomy goes ? I'm a bit nervous I took it a while ago
  9. by   RHAMM_5550
    I don't think we are required to wear business casual to the session next week, but I am still going to. Want to start with a good impression!
  10. by   Iwnt2savetheworld
    I am wearing business casual as well!!! , has your blazernet been updated yet ? mine still says pre-nursing
    and just a heads up I am already having problems with my immunization clearance. I have to get a titer for chickenpox because the documentation I have is not good enough.

    when I got my first degree from UAB I started in 2012 and this was not a requirement. so there goes more money . hopefully the titers will be enough and I dont have to get the chicken pox vaccination because its two shots, and I am sure they are very painful and expenisve ughhhhhh...
  11. by   RHAMM_5550
    I had to have 2 varicella vaccinations for UAB as a pre-nursing student, so I'm hoping that is enough. We have to start our Hepititis vaccines before we start, but we don't have to have them all completed. My blazernet still says pre-nursing!
  12. by   Iwnt2savetheworld
    Yeah I talked to someone and they said it would not update until next week or after registration. I'm good with hep b.

    Just have to worry about varicella and this physical exam we will have to get as well
  13. by   RHAMM_5550
    Ah okay! That makes sense about the physical!
  14. by   RHAMM_5550
    Have you guys heard anything about scholarships? Like how likely we are to get them?