TWU or El Centro A+P/ Intro Chem classes

  1. I am trying to get into nursing at TWU, but am completing my core at El Centro and Brookhaven. I now know not to take any further sciences at Brookhaven after taking my A+P I there. Through the grapevine, I've heard that El Centro is a lot better as far as testing. I don't mind difficulty, I do mind the trickery that the Brookhaven Science department seems to employ to mess with students.

    I want to complete Intro Chemistry and A+P II in Summer I and II sessions, as I won't be working. My question is this:

    Is Chemistry similar to the A+P and Micro classes at Brookhaven as far as departmental testing?

    Can anyone recommend a good instructor for any of these classes at either school? Should I just take them at TWU? Any advice would be helpful...
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  3. by   LauraLou
    I took A&P I at Brookhaven, so I know what you mean about the tests! I took Microbiology at Brookhaven last summer and it was a good class. It is taught by a different department than Anatomy.

    I took Chemestry I at Richland and A&P II at Eastfield. Both classes were easy in comparison to A&P I. Don't take Micro at Eastfield. They spend 14 weeks memorizing the Krebb's cycle and two weeks learning about microbes.

    I haven't taken any classes at El Centro, so I don't know what it's like down there.

    Good luck!
  4. by   lalajenn
    I recommend taking Micro at Eastfield but only at night. The teacher who teaches it at night is really good. His last name is Cunningham. I took it during the day one semester and while the teacher (Knight) was a really nice guy he spent way too much time on the Krebs Cycle and I didn't like his style of teaching. As for any of the A&P classes I recommend taking Oliver who teaches at Eastfield. Don't take Knight though for that either. I like the science dept at Eastfield but just don't recommend one teacher who is there. Taking A&P I at Brookhaven had me going to other schools to take the rest of my classes. Never have taken any classes at El Centro. Good luck!
  5. by   nurseboudin
    Thanks for the advice.

    I got my classes this morning for the summer. Got Puckett for Chemistry at Brookhaven, and Bates for A+P II at El Centro
  6. by   AGoodmanRNbound
    My co-worker took both A/P I and II at El Centro and she said that Bates is good but Kirk has the reputation for being the best. In the summer, he passes out a copy of the lecture notes which helped their class tremendously since the course was accelerated. She said you can go to the learning center on the 3rd floor for the lecture and lab video tapes. She said that there were very few for A/P II though and Kirk is the lecturer on the tapes but it won't hurt for reinforcemnt of the subject matter.

    She said you are in good shape as long as you don't take the morning class with Allen. She also said don't take Micro at El Centro with Cayton he is very hard to understand.
  7. by   nurseboudin
    Thanks Andrew! I appreciate it... I heard that Kirk was awesome - maybe I'll switch