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  1. Hey anyone know of a cheaper route to get the first year books? I'm Starting TWU Dallas program in the fall and what they were talking about for costs on books today at orientation was awful
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  3. by   Taliacoley
    I thought the pricing was horrible too. I was able to find all of my books for about $600. The down fall to that though is there are no "special books online." You also will have to buy passcodes, which cost about $50 each. THen you have the clicker. So when it is all said and done the cost of the books I found and then the add ons the price jumped up to close to $900.
    So the best deal is to get the package. A lot of the books will be reused for other semesters.

    What group are you in? I am in group 8, clinicals at Presby Plano.
  4. by   trinket22
    Thanks for the help!
    My mom wanted to search online for better pricing, so it sounds like you did all the work for her already. I think we will just order the package. I am in group 8 too! What is your name? I'm Brittney
  5. by   trinket22
    T -
    where do you get the passcodes that you mentioned?
  6. by   Taliacoley
    My name is Talia. You will get everything in the packet which includes Clicker, passcodes, extra material for study, and a secure knowledge that you will be able to access your book online becuase no-one else has used that keycode.
    It definitly is a large sum. Next semester I will get a better Idea if the package was worth it or if buying on my own will be okay.

    What area do you live in. I am in Mckinney/Prosper.
  7. by   cursedandblessed
    i know nothing about your school, but many times i've seen nursing books for sale on the local craig's list for my local college. usually by someone who's dropped out for whatever reason.
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