Trying to work related to nursing during summer break. What to do?

  1. Hello everyone,
    I will be having my summer break starting in late May after I complete my second semester of the BSN program. Lately, I have been calling hospitals asking them if they have positions available during the summer to work as nurse techs or anything similar to that. The responses were that they never heard of it or they're don't have those temporary positions.

    What should I do? Just get a job for the summer such as waitressing or what?

    To the nursing students, what jobs do you have during the summer?

    Thank you for listening.
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  3. by   ashemson
    At the hospital I work at, they use nurse techs(students that have completed Fundamentals) and CNA's. I can't believe they have never heard of it! Maybe they call techs something else? If they don't have any temporary positions, ask them if they have any PRN positions, that way you can pretty much work when you want to. That's what I do. Plus, in MO, after you have taken fundamentals, you can test for your CNA. See if your state has that, then you can do CNA work pretty much anywhere - nursing homes, home health, etc.

    Good luck!
  4. by   LauraLou
    i don't know where you live in wisconsin, but here is a student nurse position at the university of wisconsin hospital. if they have student nurse positions, other hospitals in the area likely do too. i would check the websites of the hospitals you are interested in and look at all the open positions. that is how i found this one.

    student nurse assistant
    uw hospital and clinics
    general surgery & trauma

    part time
    weekend shift: yes

    position information:

    the student nurse assistant (sna) is a student in an accredited school of nursing. the sna must display the ability to learn and apply knowledge and skills that are required at a level designed to provide technically skilled care to patients. the sna must demonstrate the ability to perform nursing care activities in both stable and unstable situations. the person in the position demonstrates proficiency in a wide variety of nursing activities. on the general surgery/trauma unit, nursing staff cares for a diverse surgical population and multi-system trauma patients who require cardiac telemetry. the general surgical population provides opportunities to nursing staff in developing strong teaching skills. in addition to teaching opportunities, trauma patients who have sustained injury from motor vehicle, occupational or sporting accidents add another dimension in caring for patients. minimum qualifications: 1. current enrollment in an accredited school of nursing program 2. successful completion of the nursing program?s entry-level clinical course 3. current cpr certification

    recruiter name: harsy,linda g
    recruiter email:
  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    you could try to get into an externship, but around here, they are only for those getting ready to go into their senior year of nursing. so if you can't do that, see if you can be a flex-time CNA. work all summer, then once school starts, work one weekend a month. maybe ask some students in your nursing program who are farther along than you if htey know of a particular hospital in your area that does this, and how it worked.
    good luck
  6. by   helpinghands
    Some states allow RN students to sit for the LPN boards after they reach a certain point in the program. I'm not familiar with Wisconsin, but it may be worth looking into. Good luck on your job search.
  7. by   JenNJFLCA
    Some places have student nurse interns or externships. There's also the option of working as a patient care tech here in FL.