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How are you treated at clinicals by staff? I find the nurses treat us well while the unit clerks and some of the unlicensed assistive personal treat us like crap. What's up with that? Are they... Read More

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    Quote from wdwpixie

    Thanks for this perspective...having only spent 3 full days in clinicals and just going into my 7th (?) week, it's great to have this insight....I will try also to be more understanding....

    I will also try to do a better job of communicating to my RN what I'm doing, but basically I'm in assessment, vitals, and now meds mode only....oh, and baths & changing bed.....and the meds are only done under the supervision of my instructor....

    And we do kind of tend to conglomerate when we're done the above and don't get any more direction or interaction from the CNA or RN (we're the only ones we feel safe with!!)....but there's not a one of us who comments on any dr's...heck, we don't even know who they are yet...but then our group as a whole it a bit older, mostly married, and maybe scared to death to even LOOK at an M.D. at this point!!

    Thanks for thought next time I'm at the hospital!!
    And I really will try to be more accommodating towards students. It's already gotten easier since the first couple of days. I know that there are excellent students who are willing to learn and spend their whole clinical day working their tails off. I was one. One particular day I was kind of getting panicky and it seemed like all the students were in the way, but I should have just calmed down and thought about what a neat experience it would be for them to participate in what was going on. Even when patients are coding, students can be in the room without getting in the way. So, yeah, even new nurses need to be nice and there are no excuses. It's so much easier to see how you should act after the fact, hey? We haven't had students for a little while and I kind of regret being a jerk. Sorry. And the neurosurgeon is gorgeous. It isn't just the students that talk about him. Thanks for listening.